Friday, April 20

Tha' Urban Poet Presents: Cross 'M Out

Salim Channel aka Tha' Urban Poet
His latest music video: Watch below.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Exodus Mentality said...

i'm assuming this your brother. he is pretty dope on the mic. being a real hip-hop head i was feeling the lyrics.

but you should know there is a huge debate raging about hip-hop today. i bet there are many out there who would say that Salim glorifies guns, violence, drug use, and misogyny (reference to pimpin). of course they would be completely missing the point of his flow, but I still thought i should warn you that you may soon be under attack for supporting this type of music.

I however, would love to have permission to cross post this video on my site as an example to all the confused Negroes out there of how everything you hear in hop-hop aint all bad.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger aka The Urban Reporter said...

I don't feel that the song glorifies guns, or violence. A lot of his lyrics are methaphoric, and though there is a huge debate about messages in hip hop, he never says anything about killin anybody or shooting, robbbin.. etc.

I'm from the west and grew up listening to NWA, Geto Boys, and Salim's flow isn't anything like that.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger ThaUrbanPoet said...

Let's break down this song bar for bar...

IF I brought the heat squashing the beef.
This beat is a burner
pure bliss said salim keep making that murder...

Authors interpretation: The beat is the weapon, the rhyme - ammunition.

hood experience... stripped after you slipped out of your own ordinace
Leave with your life yo' don't stress about these gold ornaments
With these guns in your face it won't be hard to convince
Discard the weapon moments after it's washed of the prints...

Interpret: Step outside of safe boundaries, and jewels are the least of your worries. Guns are often used to relieve people of their luxuries.

...Explosive after loading the "clips"."

Interpret it as explosive imagery -"clips" double meaning, for those into guns, the place you put bullets. For video editors, video "clips" are what we cut from.

if you analyze my products on the first pass, you might see, "pencil pimpin'" as reinforced rap exploitation or misogyny,

but now, if you LISTEN I'm talking about being swift on the pencil - exploiting a writer's tool...not women.

Thanks for the critical analysis. Notice not one swear word used in the whole piece, how many hip hop artists do it like this?


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