Monday, April 16

Obama Rallies in Georgia: The Videos


After attending Senator Barack Obama's first public rally in Georgia this past Saturday, I spent a good portion of the rest of my weekend editing the video. I've learned there's not much use trying compete with the local news outlets. They do what they do, and do it well, which is produce short, quick stories that give viewers a snapshot of news events.

The news is a machine and getting info out in a timely fashion means some information has to be left out, and that is the drawback. A general news story is less than two minutes which gives a reporter time for about four soundbite interviews, a little narration, and a standup.

That's one reason I've been enjoying this little independent media venture. I don't have to follow the traditional rules of news gathering, and what's great about the Internet is that everyone can now share their perspective, via the new media.

Here are some YouTube videos I found on the event.

Video 1
Video 2

Blogger O1LT shared some thoughts by writing:

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to become apart of history in the making and watch Senator, and Presidential candidate—Barack Obama—deliver a truly moving speech at GA Tech University.

The man's charisma is undeniable as he talked to a crowd of twenty thousand supporters about voter registration, the South Carolina primary, and his political agenda for the White House in 2008. Former mayor, Maynard H.Jackson's daughter, Alexander Jackson, kicked off the political rally with the National Anthem. And, Civil rights activist, Reverend Joseph Lowery, delivered an inspirational prayer before Obama took to the stage.

Watch my report below.

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At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Garlin II said...

A good friend of mine went to this event. There will be coverage of this at my site,


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