Friday, April 13

Urban Headlines


-Imus Fired
Dom Imus has been fired by CBS, and a Pennsylvania DJ has also been fired for encouraging listeners to call in and say the same words that got Imus canned.

-Georgia Slavery Apology Stalls
Georgia politicians are divided over a slavery apology resolution. The state's top Republican is in favor of an apology, however his Democratic counterpart isn't supporting it.

-King Collection Auction Cancelled
Protests from the King family led to the cancellation of an auction of some of Dr. King's writings, and speeches.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Scooby Hardee said...

I feel what you are doing A.C. & I look forward to working with you.

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Soul Reach said...

Wow! Its been an interesting week for the Black Community..Thanks for keeping me up to date :)


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