Sunday, April 8

T.J. Holmes Explores Self Segregation


CNN anchor T.J. Holmes visits an Atlanta suburb where black folks are livin' lavish, and white folks are the minority.

Watch video here.


At 5:40 PM, Blogger Levois said...

This is an issue that comes up in a very segregated city like Chicago. There are neighborhoods that are mostly black or I suppose Latino (I imagine there are many who make great money who have very nice neighborhoods to go to) and we run into this problem where whites don't want to move into these neighborhoods. While I think diversity is a good thing (depending on the type of diversity) I see absolutely no problem with blacks wanting to move amongst each other. At least this is not being done forcefully and by law. It would be very nice if people of every stripe and color could live with each other and get along well.

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Great Is God said...

All of Lithonia isn't well-off though, downtown Lithonia is pretty bad, also across the highway, things get a little rough, it's not all bad, but it certainly isn't all good.


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