Saturday, March 31

Shaquanda Cotton to be Freed


Shaquanda Cotton, the fifteen year-old Paris Texas student who was serving time in a juvenile prison for pushing a student aid should is being freed. Read about it here.

It seems community activists, and the blogging community really stepped up to the plate with this issue.

Here's a nice comment posted to my blog from ExodusMentality.

"You know I was real hot when when I first found out about this case on March 22. It's nine days later and for those of you who haven't already heard, Shaquanda was scheduled to be freed from the Texas juvenile corrections facility this morning. We should celebrate this victory even as we continue to move forward.

Everyone connected with this case acknowledges that it was the concerted efforts of Black Bloggers that caused such a massive amount of publicity in such a short time, that put pressure on Texas officials to remedy this situation so quickly. There is power in the community that is developing among Black bloggers(aka the Afrosphere or the Blackosphere). Everyone who participates by blogging, reading. posting comments, or spreading the word about the existence of black blogs should be justifiably proud of what we accomplished and where we can taqke this thing.
Special shouts to My Urban Report for being the portal that led me to blogging."


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