Tuesday, April 17

The First Victims

by A.man.I

Virgina Tech Senior Ryan Clark was among the first people killed in Monday's massacre. Clark was from Martinez Georgia. He was triple major, and a senior with a 4.0 GPA. Authorities have identified the shooter as Cho Seung-Hui an English major from S. Korea. From reports, it appears police thought the first shooting that occurred at about 7:15 a.m. in the West Ambler Johnston dorm was isolated. Then two hours later Seung-Hui apparently struck again at Norris Hall about a half mile away.

I've had several discussions with people who are asking why were police so slow to respond. Shouldn't a campus shooting result in a lock down situation? Did police think Clark, who was black, was a suspect? Is this a case where Police saw a black victim and didn't take the treat seriously? We all want answers.

Here's a list of the victims so far.

If you watched any of the news coverage, you of course saw the video captured by the student with the cell phone. Another example of a citizen getting the "money shot."


At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, you.man.you. (Ha)

I'm writing because I think you might be able to help me. I've been all over the Internet, trying to find out how I might send condolences to Cho Sueng-Hui's family, for they too must be devastated.

Your site intrigued me, for its thoroughness and attention to detail. Perhaps you can find out how I can offer sympathy to Cho's family.

Thank you for any consideration you give this e-note, and good luck to YOU--I think you're gonna go far!

L. Smith


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