Tuesday, April 17

Say A Prayer for the Fallen Hokies

by A.man.I

The Virginia Tech massacre is no doubt the story of the year so far in 2007. Over the next days and weeks there will be a media feast as journalists seek answers, speculate, and grieve with the community that has probably been changed forever during one horrific act.

So far we have learned little about the shooter, or victims. I'm not here to report the facts. There are plenty of great journalists in Blacksburg asking questions.

This however seems to be a homeland security issue. Aren't the police as well as university officials trained to deal with threats on campus? This is certainly an act of terrorism, and it looks like someone dropped the ball.

Looks like the bloggers are responding. Check Deez.

Collegiate Times
Planet Blacksburg
Thanks to Slate for the links.

Please take a moment of silence for the families, and the young lost lives.

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At 2:29 AM, Blogger Thoughtz said...

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims' families as well as the family of the shooter(s). I think this is definately a(nother) wake-up call for us in that we must, above anything else, treat each other better and look out for one another. What can make someone develop the need to kill 32 people and himself, and then act on that need? This incident has showed that regardless of one's situation or status, all individuals must feel loved and a sense of belonging. The lack of value of human life is truly sad...


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