Thursday, February 15

Check Deez


Here are links to a few blogs that have caught my eye recently.

-The SuperSpade (Black Thought at the Highest Level)
The SuperSpade is a forum that presents critical, intellectual, relevant perspectives on the day's current issues and connects them to your everyday decisions.

These brothas write about everything from politics to new media, and they're always giving you something to think about.

Levois keeps an eye on the political scene and provides excellent commentary and anlysis of issues in his hometown Chicago.

If you want to get a taste of Southern culture vblog style, check out TrueGritz. The creators are out to prove to you that culture in the south is still alive. It's creatively produced, and the hosts are witty... It's like "He Haw" meets the Internet.

Please remember to always consider your source, there's a thin line between fact and fiction, especially online.



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