Wednesday, February 14

A Day for Lovers

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This is a day when we're supposed to pay more than the usual attention to the love in our life. That "love," is supposed to be someone like you're spouse, or significant other, but I believe that whether you're in love, married, happily single, or looking to mingle, we should all take a moment to reflect on love and its power.

It's not always manifested in the physical, though that is the standard by which many of us define love. For some it's sex, others are looking to fall in love, but I believe that life is love, because love created the heavens above and earth beneath our feet. So, if you bought chocolates, some expensive jewelry, or something simple and special for your loved one that's great, but don't forget to give a moment of your thoughts and energy to the most high, because God is love, and that love is eternal, and unconditional.

I'll now digress, and share some thoughts and moments from Passion and Poetry 9. It's an annual event that features some of the best poets, and music artists around. Radio station V-103 sponsored the event, and radio personality Joyce Little was one of the co-hosts.

This year singers, Algebra, Tank, Lorenzo Owens, and Philpia kept the crowd moving. Poets like Spinxx, Queen of Sheeba, and Tameka "Georgia Me" Harper, blessed the mic with their brilliant word play.

The annual event has quite a following in Atlanta, and the promoter informed me that they're planning to take the show on a nationwide tour, they're working some kind of TV deal as well, and the DVD from last year's show is now for sale. There were two sold out shows, and I can see why people keep coming back... It's all about love.

Some of the performers talk about the show below.

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At 11:29 AM, Blogger Grayson said...

You sure are a lot less cynical than me, on this "Annual Day from Hell," as I usually refer to it.

At 11:48 PM, Blogger blogsurfer said...

Showing your love to your loved ones doesn't need to wait until valentine's day comes. You can say "I love you" to them everytime you want, and everytime you feel that you love them. I think that expensive jewelry, flowers, or chocolates are not needed to show them how much you love them or how much they are special to you.


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