Tuesday, January 2

Thoughts on New Media

From Journal-isms
Richard Prince provides some insighful thoughts on the current state of diversity in the journalism business, and new media.

The turmoil in the news business prompted by new technologies, changing news consumption habits and Wall Street demands ricocheted in newsrooms with a flurry of buyouts, layoffs and changes of ownership that left journalists feeling like whiplash victims.

The victims, Prince explains included both minority journalists and editors, like Dean Bauet of the Los Angeles Times. He was reportedly fired for objecting to his newpapers budget cutting plans.

Prince also discusses new media, and the blogosphere which has grown to an estimated 100-million bloggers.

No one appears to be tracking the diversity numbers, but Ju-Don Roberts, managing editor of washingtonpost.com, an African American who is next year's conference chair, said, "We need to improve the representation of minorities in the Online News Association."

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