Thursday, December 21

The Latest on Reparations

From Donna Lamb
I haven't seen any mainstream media coverage on the latest developments surrounding reparations, but it looks like the Portland Independent Media Center is on top of the story.

On December 13th, the US Court of Appeals in Chicago upheld fraud claims brought by African Americans against 15 major US banks, insurers, and transportation companies that concealed their slave trading histories from consumers - knowing all the while that their customers would want this information. In his 17-page opinion, Judge Richard Posner said that a seller of goods who hides his company's slave trading history because he's afraid of losing customers is "guilty of fraud."

I don't care what you say, this country has yet to heal from the wounds. While some think reparations is about a monetary payment, it's a complex issue that has global implications. Don't think we aren't living with the direct effects of this country's injust past. Though people are now "free," there are social, economic, and psychological chains that have yet to be be broken.


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