Wednesday, December 20

Urban Reporters Television

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If you're just finding this VBlog thanks for tuning into my frequency.

People have been asking me about the show I'm working on for Black Family Channel. It's called UR TV, which stands for Urban Reporters Television. The idea of the show is to promote and encourage citizen journalism. If you haven't heard about citizen journalism, it's when non professionals engage in the reporting, and sharing of information. It's happening through blogs, and video sites like, and YouTube. I didn't know know too much about citizen journalism a few months ago, but I'm learning more each day.

The whole concept with UR TV is: We're looking for people in the community to produce, shoot, edit stories, and include a little personal perspective on the story...kinda like I do. So far, the submissions are slowly coming in. We're developing the pilot, and working on the first four episodes. This is a great opportunity for people to tell stories that mainstream media isn't.

We only need 20 airable stories to get the show going. If you care about your community, know something about video production, or have a camcorder that's collecting dust. Find a story, shoot it (interview people), edit it, and share it. It's that simple. Keep tuning in.

Check Deez
If you want to learn more about citizen journalism

Special props to Leonard Witt (, for lacing up my shoes.

Check out the pilot below.

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get YouTube embed code here
Download video (wmv)


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