Friday, December 22

Who is Santa?

Just in time for the holidays, a timely video from your neighborhood urban reporter. Before you watch the clip, please reflect on the spirit of the season. This is a time to be with family, and a time to be generous. I didn't do much celebrating growing up, because my family was involved in a religon that didn't observe Christmas. We found ways to compensate, but now that I'm older I've grown to realize the importance not in the day, but the spirit of the holiday.

Everyone have a great, safe one. Spread a little love, joy, and peace to the world because we need it.

The young man in this clip breaks down the science of Santa.

NOTE: MyUrbanReport will take a few days off. I haven't decided whether it will resume after Christmas or New Years so have a happy one if you don't hear from me.

YouTube version


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