Saturday, December 30

Saying Goodbye to James Brown

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It was standing room only at the James Brown Arena, in Augusta Georgia, as entertainers, activists, and everyday people gathered to celebrate the home coming of the legend James Brown. Reverands Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson, Michael Jackson, (MC) Hammer, and Chuck D, were among those who attended.

The event started with a video presentation Brown's performances, followed by several musical tributes, and a eulogy from Rev. Sharpton.

Brown was a legend, and there's a reason why he will always be the "Godfather of Soul." His music spanned generations, and he left numerous hits which inspired, uplifted, and gave us a reason to be "black and proud."

Funeral program (PDF)

Click below to see what Rap artist Chuck D said about Brown's legacy.

YouTube version
Download Video (wmv)

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At 9:04 PM, Anonymous RANI RAN said...

Anothere gifted and talented brotha.... taken away too soon.

God Father of Soul was your title
You wore your capes & crown well
Who would have thought the word
of you passing would be the solomn news
so many would have to tell

Vivrant personality an artist at his best
Proclaiming "I Feel Good"
Surpased all the rest
Through all your obstacles
You could still coax a crowd
to proclaim with rythm, strength and respect
"Im Black and Im Proud"

As one of the most sampled artist of all time to date
A perfect stamina Ten will always be your rate
from the Apollo to da Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
We will forever remember your golden name

The leader of James Brown Revue
You thrilled crowds with your
trademark moves & screams
Everyone has tried to mimick you
Something they could only
achieve within their dreams

Lifetime Achievement Award
presented to you in 1992
was well deserved and expected
And by god well overdue

"Please Please Please"
perform in heaven
like you did here on earth
because as an angel is where you started
but god chose for you to be a star at birth

"Now Papas Got a Brand New Bag"
filled with Angel's dust and memories
to sprinkle down
always "On the Good Foot"
The Infamous JAMES BROWN........


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