Wednesday, December 13


Once a week, community leaders, activists, and politicians gather at an event called NewsmakersLive in Atlanta to discuss issues affecting the community. It's a great place to listen, learn, and network with local and national figures. I learned about Newsmakers when I was searching for someone to interview for a citizen journalism segment for the show I'm working on.

The organizers of the event stream interviews on the Internet site to provide an uncensored conversation that you won't find on television. It's a form of citizen journalism, though the host Maynard Eaton is a veteran broadcast journalist (I'll post my interview with him and the executive producer shortly).

I've been a regular attendee because I've been video taping the event for the last few weeks (none of my shows have been posted yet). One night the light bulb in my head went off to take advantage of the opportunity, and interview people for My Urban Report. I recently met a gentleman named Coz Carson there. He's a former Atlanta radio talk show host, and now works as the Program Director and hosts a syndicated show at NewsTalk 1080 in Miami. The station is owned by Radio One, the nation's largest black owned radio company.

I wanted to know his thoughts on the state of Black America and what can be done to help misguided youth.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Sean said...

I think that he is 100% on point!


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