Monday, December 11

A Visit to the Scene of a Deadly Police Shooting

Right before Thanksgiving, an elderly woman named Kathryn Johnston was shot and killed by Atlanta police in her home. They were serving a "no knock" warrant which means narcotics officers didn't have to knock before they entered. Apparently a drug suspect told officers that drugs were being sold out of the home, and when officers entered, the 88-year-old woman who kept a gun for protection fired and hit one of them. Police returned fire and killed her, but they didn't find any crack inside. The whole situation is suspect because a confidential informant is saying police told him to say that he bought crack from the home, but says he didn't.

On Saturday, I visited the scene to see it for myself. The home is boarded up, but neighbors continue to visit a memorial that's been growing ever since the shooting happened. The New Black Panter Party was out organizing a rally to protest police brutality and everyone has an opinion about what happened. Hopefully the truth will come out in the investigation, but some people doubt it.

NOTE: All if my information is coming from news reports. The media has reported two different ages for Ms. Johnston. First she was reported to be 92, then 88, now it seems she's 92 again.

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At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intense, Amani. Nice job. What a horrible story. What color were the officers who barged in? I'm not sure it matters...but I just wondered.
Also--just keeping it real--not sure you need the music under that. The people make it powerful. They don't need help.
Not that you need my advice--you are doing an incredible job. With the handcuffs of general assignment reporting off your can make a statement, and a difference.
Good for you.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Rani Ran said...

All I can say is wow.... the deviation of the cops never ceases to surprise me. 88 years old.. Once again all I can saw is wow...

Great coverage Amani



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