Thursday, April 26

Atlanta Police Plead Guilty!


I smelled foul when I heard the story of Kathryn Johnston. Atlanta police shot and killed her during a drug raid gone bad. Looks like two of the officers are accepting responsibility for their actions. Two of them have pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges.

Here's what neighbors had to say about the incident after it happened.

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At 7:38 PM, Blogger Levois said...

That old woman was feisty, I'll say that. And I hope that there will be answers as to what exactly happened. Police don't have to knock but they'd better be sure some knows who's outside before they barge in. Otherwise there's a problem.

At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Scooby said...

This type of thing has been going on for decades. I'm not surprised that the very individuals who took an oath to "protect & serve" did what they did. What trips me out is, how in the world are we supposed to trust the same group of folks who murder little old ladies?!?

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Mr. Kingrowe Starr said...

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