Wednesday, March 7

It's Time to Get Involved


Whether you're Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Green it's time to start thinking about the 2008 Presidential election. The reasons are numerous. The U.S. is currently engaged in a war, where victory seems impossible. It's been reported that the military men and women who have sacrificed so much, are receiving poor medical care. White House advisor "Scooter" Libby is a felon, which says what about the "gang" he rolled with?

The media will undoubtedly provide a measure of coverage on certain issues, but what about other subjects? Some communities are dealing with a health crisis due to the rapid spread of the H.I.V. virus. Black men, and youth continue to be incarcerated at alarming rates, while education is often an afterthought. Immigration rights, and the corporate outsourcing of American jobs are other issues that could affect us all.

Regardless of you color, or creed, this is a time to read, and learn about the candidates. For 2008 I've decided to learn as much about each. I'm not affiliated with any party, and I'm registered as an Independent, because I've always felt that as a journalist it's important to be as neutral as possible. That being said, I'm most interested in Senator Barack Obama's campaign.

I recently purchased his book, and I registered on his campaign website. It's basically a political social community similar to MySpace. No, I haven't made my final decision by any means, but, it's time to get involved.

A lot of information is out there, and plenty of good info can be found in the blogosphere. Check deez, and if you have a favorite, send me a link.

The Slate
Center for American Progress
D.C. Thornton
African American Opinion



At 5:17 PM, Blogger merjoem32 said...

The 2008 presidential race is heating up although it's still more than a year away. The candidates have a lot of issues to address and we need to hear their stand on these issues so that we can make informed decisions about our vote.


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