Tuesday, February 27

The Edge

by A.man.I
I had an unexpected visitor from Tampa last week, my friend Patrick Sneed. He's the Program Director for the Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association (THJCA), a grassroots non-profit community organization based in Tampa.

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Pat didn't always work for the community. He was raised in the College Hill public housing community, on Tampa's East side. In his younger days, the lure of the dope game was too tempting. "The money, the cars, and the females," he said, reflecting back.

Pat dropped out school in the seventh grade, but later realized he was on the wrong path after he blew $6,000 dollars in one weekend during Black Spring Break in Daytona. That's when he decided to take some positive steps.

He seems to be on the right track now. For the past two years, Pat's worked as the Program Director for the THJCA. He serves more than sixty kids from the neighborhood. He not only handles all of the daily administrative duties, he also organizes, and supervises field trips, and tries his best to be a positive example to the kids he is responsible for. He says he does it for the kids, not the money.

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Pat is also focused on his education. At age 32, and after years of extra school work, he'll receive his diploma (not a g.e.d) soon. He plans to attend a community college, and his goal is to obtain a four-year degree.

That's what I call a RIGHTeous brotha. Keep it up Pat.
He shares his light below.

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At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Ms. Teresa said...

Yes, Patrick Sneed is on the right track! My Urban report, I am Teresa Mosley, educational advocate and consultant worked with Pat for 3 years in his afterschool Academic Enrichment program. As an educator, I have watched him closely and he is indeed a brother who is giving back to the community not only making up for lost time from his pass life but moving towards time in a positive, powerful, and respectful manner. Patrick is on his way to Washington, DC 2009 and I believe his presence will not only encourage Washington Law makers to provide funds for after school programs, but Pat will become the living proof of his own program that turning around to do the right things in life can become a reality. My brother, Pat, don't stop working for the children, families, and community! We hope his grass root program (THJCA; SGM) will branch out into many states throughout America and the rural communities. "Oprah - have you thought about Pat Sneed directing an afterschool program in your South African Girls school?"

Many Thanks, Teresa Mosley

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! It's amazing how Mr. Patrick Sneed is giving back to the community and supporting today's youth in a positive way but he is failing at taking care of his own biological children that live, breathe, eat, sleep and go to school right in the same neighborhoods! It's a sight for sore eyes to see how he's being placed on such a high pedestal by individuals that are probably unaware that Mr. Patrick Sneed, Director of THJCA doesn't take care of his financial responsibilities as a father and is in a great deficit with the Department of Revenue for back child support and currently has four (4) child support cases open against him; two of which are in contempt for failure to comply with a court order. If Patrick dedicated his time, passion, money, and love for his biological children in the same manner as he does his job, then I could see what all the hype was about, but unfortunately, I'm not impressed. Praise God for a changed man on the path to righteousness, but I'm sure that God did not intend for Mr. Sneed to make children that he had no intentions of supporting!


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