Monday, March 5

Talking Shop with T.J. Holmes

I had the pleasure to meet, and interview one of CNN's newest anchors, T.J. Holmes. Holmes most recently worked as the main anchor at the NBC O&O, KNTV-TV in San Francisco (the station is actually in San Jose). He's originally from Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He landed his first news job in Joplin, MO. Holmes was actually hired as a producer, but his goal was to be on-air, and in no time he was reporting and anchoring.

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You can catch Holmes on the weekend anchor desk with Betty Nguyen. During the week, he reports from the studio, or from the field. He has one of the most relaxed, and natural delivery styles I've seen. Holmes knows when to be serious, when to have fun, and has a very "cool" presence.

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I should mention that the folks at CNN seem to understand the importance of the blogosphere, and much love to them for granting access to a 'lil blogger/reporter like me.

My Q&A with Holmes is below.

YouTube version
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At 9:48 AM, Blogger black republican's today said...

Hey Armani, I really enjoyed your interview with TJ. He touched on so many key elements regarding blacks in local networks. You are doing a good job! Keep doing what you are doing it just makes me better.

At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Armani:

As I prepared for church one Sunday morning, I turned the television on and to my surprise there he was.....Mr. T.J. Holmes :). Also, as I searched the web to find out a little more about him, I watched/listened to your interview. Which by the way I felt you asked very paramount questions. And yes I agree, his dispostion seems to be very cool, confindent, relaxed, and natural. I was also pleased to hear his responses and his passion for the work he has done and how he encouraged future journalist. Thank you for sharing your interview and showing our future of tomorrow (young african americans) that it is very important what you do, but also what you say.

Thanks again for sharing,

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Vizhen said...

Love T.J. Loved ur interview. Thanks. very professional. you asked a lot of great relevant questions.


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