Friday, January 5

It's All About Video

& Salim Channel
If you have a video camera, editing software, and a some knowledge of video production, you too can take part in this online media movement. Actually, you just need a computer and an Internet connection to start a blog like this, but I'm a video guy, and I like making, and watching videos which are popping up all over the Net.

Though there are numerous online video communities (Revver, Veoh, MotionBox), I've gravitated towards two, Blip.TV, and YouTube. I like Blip for a couple of reasons. The quality of the player is great, there is no annoying lower third "bug," and many of the videos on the site are produced with some thought.

YouTube is great because of the community of users. The video quality isn't as high, but everyone uses YouTube, either to watch, or post. Most people are just messing around posting poorly produced videos, but some are entertaining, and creative.

Speaking of creative, and entertaining, my brother just produced another music video. You don't need a big budget to do this, just some skills, and a visual eye.

It's a new year, and you can have it, "Anyway You Want It."

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