Sunday, November 26

They Shot 50 times At Unarmed Men

From & The Chicago Sun Times
Here's the latest info I could find on the NY strip club police shooting:
The shooting apparently involved some sort of "undercover investigation."
The victims were unarmed.
"The boys" shot at least fifty times, and aren't saying much.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Exodus Mentality said...

Nobody who is not under intense return fire can justify having to fire that many times. These pitiful police officers put less than 50% of their shots on a target as big as a car. (Remember the old lady in Atlanta hit at least 5 of 6 rounds, maybe 5 of 5.) One cop fired 31 shots by himself. That's two full clips and one more from carrying a chambered round. Any justification for that much shooting should be readily apparant to anyone, therefore there is no justification for it. He should be fired first and investigated next.

The police are trigger happy sometimes, probably this time, but it's more about how we allow the police to operate. We want them doing undercover stings in strip clubs to stop consenting adults from having sex and smoking weed. We want to see the big drug bust or the sordid sex spots raided. We are asking for this partly because we have confused morality with law and order.


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