Wednesday, November 22

92-Year-Old Woman Shot to Death by Police

In the few months that I've lived in Atlanta, local law enforcement have been involved in numerous deadly shoot outs, with primarily black people. In Dekalb county, officers have been criticized for being "trigger happy," because of all of the police shootings this year.

As I'm sitting here writing this post, Atlanta's Assistant Police Chief is explaining live on TV how a 92-year-woman named Kathryn Johnston was shot, and killed last night during a so-called drug bust.

Police say they bought drugs earlier in the day from a man at the home, then obtained a "no knock" search warrant, which means they didn't knock before they busted into the home. Her family says she lived alone and kept a gun for protection, and after the plain clothes officers entered, she started bustin. She shot three officers, who will be okay. Johnston died in hail of gunfire.

An investigation is underway, but can there be any justice in this tragedy?


At 12:40 AM, Blogger Exodus Mentality said...

A 92 year old woman is shot and killed in a police raid. (As disgusted as I am with the insane events and conditions that caused her death, I have to smile when I think of this courageous elder defending herself, fighting fire with fire, however mistaken her actions. I don't know what she was holding or how many shots she got off, but I do know from experience that putting five shots on three attacking targets in a low light gunfight is outstanding for a trained professional.) A Dekalb county, Georgia police officer shot and killed a knife wielding woman. This is the 12th fatal police shooting in Dekalb County this year, and people are beginning to notice. Across the nation there has been a marked increase in police involved shootings and a concurrent increase in the number of fatal police shootings. There is a problem and nobody is going to acknowlege it. For what it's worth, here's my two cents.

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