Monday, November 20

Did Flavor Flav Sell Out?

Last week, I posted an interview with a brotha (see Real Talk) who was critical of Hip-Hop music's portrayal of Black women, and more specifically, spoke out about the popular reality show, "The Flavor of Love." If you haven't seen it, or don't know about the host Flavor Flav, he's the "hype man," for the once popular political Hip-Hop group "Public Enemy." He used to talk about being, "no sell-out," and was critical mainstream media, remember "She watched Channel Zero?"

On the reality show, he basically has a house full of women who compete for his attention and affection. It's ghetto-fab to say the least.

When I attended the recent BET Hip-Hop awards, another reporter asked Flavor about the reality show, and if it contradicts his rap image.

This was his response:

A couple of months ago,I interviewed "Beautiful" (Kelly Jay) about her experience on the second season of the show. I posted it earlier. Here's the link to it, in case you missed it.


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