Friday, November 17

Did Media Misread the Election?

From Journal-isms
Oakland's Mayor-elect says the media misread the election results according to Richard Prince, who writes:

Ronald V. Dellums wondered aloud why the news media did not relate the outcome of the midterm elections last week to the failed government response to Hurricane Katrina last year. "People went to the polls to express themselves on Katrina. It's not been talked about," according to the California Democrat who served 28 years in Congress and is preparing to take office as mayor of Oakland.

Prince, however goes on to report that,

A post-election Newsweek poll released this week did not list Katrina as one of respondents' reasons for reducing President Bush to a historic low 31 percent approval rating. But when asked about overall priorities for the Congress and the president over the next two years, 51 percent said the Iraq war and national security should be the bigger priority, while 33 percent said it should be domestic issues such as the economy and health care. Another 15 percent said national security and domestic issues should be equal priorities.


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