Saturday, November 11

YouTube Video "Hits" News

YouTube & The Associated Press
The 18 second video clip shows a L.A. police punching alleged gang member William Cardenas in the face repeatedly during an arrest. It happened back on August 11th, but it has now hit the mainstream. CNN reported it, and aired the video on Friday, and the Los Angeles Times, and the AP have reported it as well.

Is it a case of police brutality, or was the suspect resisting arrest? That will be determined in the police probe that has been launched surrounding the officer's conduct. The FBI also announced an investigation into the incident this week.

What this demonstrates, is the power of technology and citizen media. We've all seen police beatings before, dare I mention the King...Rodney? The difference now is, the public no longer needs mainstream media to take the lead in reporting a story. Anyone with a camera, and footage can webcast the information, and, if it's determined to be newsworthy, mainstream media will follow the public's lead.

Watch for yourself:


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