Wednesday, November 8

Barbershop Talk

Biggie Smalls may have said it best when describing the plight of brothas, "Either you slang crack rock, or you gotta wicked jump shot." Unfortunately, the images are often reinforced through music, and on television. Hip Hop music often promotes the "gangsta" image, and if you ask any kid growing up in the inner city what he wants to do in the future, don't be surprized if the response is, "I wanna be a rapper," or "play football or basketball." What about being a lawywer, doctor, banker, or teacher?

Can the media be blamed for misguiding the youth? Of course not. That responsibilty rests with the parents. Sadly, families are broken, babies are having babies, and at times, men aren't taking responsibility for their actions.

Jerry White is a man who measures up to the definition of a righteous brotha. He's one of the first cats I met in tha "A". He's god fearing, responsible, and well respected. So when he asked me to bring my camera to his barbershop to tape a heartfelt discussion about ways to improve the community, I didn't hesitate.

Watch and listen to this sample, as these brothas build a little knowledge.


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