Saturday, November 4

It Runs in the Family

From and C.Salim
I'm no stranger to this media game. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother interviewing my brother and me. My father always had microphones and tape recorders around, and as I grew older I would usually ask the questions for the interview sessions with friends and family. My brother and I also dabbled in music, but who hasn't rapped, or at least tried.

The media tear really got started after I got my hands on a camcorder back in 1993. First, it was family moments, then episodes with the homies. It all started coming together in college. I had a collection of family and homie moments, and edited it down to a fifty minute video called "the ex-Foundation." I also volunteered at my school's radio and TV stations (my college job even though I didn't get paid).

...ahhhh memories, and many more to come. For now watch my first interview while you tune into the frequencies of Salim Channel (he's a video tape editor for a SF Bay Area TV station).


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