Friday, October 20

Interview with "Beautiful"

I recently interviewed "Beautiful," whose real name is Kelly Jay. She was a contestant on the second installment of VH1's "Flavor of Love." The series is the most popular reality show on the music channel. I'm not sure what that says about the taste of American viewers, though I mush admit, I regularly watched the first season. There's something about watching a house filled with fairly attractive women battle it out for the attention of a gold front wearing, buggy eyed, flamboyant rapper who's heyday passed years ago. No, I'm not a hater, in fact I recently got a copy of Public Enemy's latest album, "New Whirl Odor," and I must say, I was impressed. Chuck D is still putting it down, "spittin" tha real, and Flavor is still providing comical background vocals.

Back to the subject at hand. I tried watching season two of "Flavor of Love," but it just wasn't the same, well, maybe that was the problem. It was too much the same as season one. I mean, if he didn't make a love connection the first time, why should I watch him pleasure himself with a new batch of attention hungry, star struck females, who already think he is their man? Obviously, plenty of others watched. Which brings me to my interview with Kelly. She came by the Black Family Channel studios to check things out during a visit to the building. She's apparently good friends with the cat who runs the music studio downstairs, and used the opportunity to say "hi." The reporter in me couldn't resist. I asked her if she'd mind me interviewing her, and she obliged.


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