Thursday, October 19

Leonard Witt talks about Citizen Journalism

As promised, here is a portion of my interview with Leonard Witt. He founded the I actually interviewed him for a segment on the citizen journalism show I'm working on called urTv (urban reporters Television). The show is featuring segments produced by independent producers, and average citizens who are looking for an outlet, because let's face it, the networks generally don't cover stories about urban issues (unless someone is getting arrested, killed, or is wanted by the law). I really had no idea citizen journalism was becoming so popular until I started working on the show. By the way Black Family Channel, my employer finally put up a web page with some basic information about it. Right now we're editing the first episode, but it won't air until early 2007. The reason being, we're trying to have four shows "in the can" because it's going to be a weekly show, and, just about 100% of the content is from the citizen contributors. Here's a link to the urTv page if you want to check it out.

Without any further delay, here's my interview with Professor Witt.


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