Thursday, November 9

Is the News in Color?

& Journal-isms
I woke up this morning and scanned the online headlines like usual, and then it hit me: Change is in the wind. The AP reported that Democrats claimed the Senate, to go along with the already announced House victory. Donald Rumsfeld is out, President Bush looked humbled during his press conference, and Nancy Pelosi(D-California), is expected to be the Speaker of the House, and the first female to serve in that position.

The media's coverage of the election also caught my attention. Richard Prince calls it a "Seismic Shift," in his article on the results. CNN featured, former Rep. J.C. Watts (R), and Marcus Mabry of Newsweek, as commentators (both are black), as well as CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley who is a woman. In addition, Frederica Whitfield, who is black, and Rick Sanchez, a Latino, anchored for the network.

Compare that to Fox News Channel, which featured primarily white men, with one exception, Juan Williams, the lone black journalist.

For the most part though, Asian, Latino, and Native American reporters were scarce. This world is growing more diverse by the day, except, it seems, on most news networks.


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