Wednesday, November 22

O.J. Talks About "His" Book

From The Feed
TV critic Eric Deggans recently interviewed OJ Simpson about his book, "If I Did It." Simpson has been highly criticized for "writing" the book, which some have interpreted as being a confession to the murders of his wife Nicole Brown-Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

Deggans transcribes the interview on his blog. Here's a portion of OJ's response explaining how the book deal came about:

"I was approached to do a book from a company that had 12 or 13 best-sellers last year. They presented a book – I think it was Barbara Boxer the politician and Nicole Ritchie, the way they told me those books were written, is they were fiction/fact. The names were changed but you pretty much knew who they were talking about. When I first sat down with the writer I felt that was the book I was going to do. The writer on the other hand, had a different take. He felt that he was told that it was a confession book. (Publisher) Judith Regan had told him, hired him, that it was a confession book. I said confess what? I’ve got nothing to confess. That was almost the end of the deal."

Now I'm curious as to what OJ had to say in that interview that was nixed by Fox. Though he was found not guilty of the murders, some still call him a killer. Was it justice? I think money buys that.


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