Friday, November 24

He Said Some Nasty Things

Every journalist has the responsibility, or at least should strive to be objective. The whole issue is up for debate as it relates to journalism because let's face it, every reporter has personal opinions and judgments that become part of each story, whether it's intentional or not (that however is another discussion).

Generally, objectivity means that a story is reported from a neutral perspective, or as this Wikipedia definition explains:

"An objective story is typically considered to be one that steers a middle path between two poles of political rhetoric."

That being said, it would be in the interest of journalistic objectivity for me to repost comedian Michael Kramer's explanation about his racist remarks in his own words, even though as a blogger I'm not required, nor expected to be objective.

I just found CBS' YouTube clip of the interview, and will reserve my opinion. I'll leave you to formulate your own after watching it for yourself.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a racist idiot with rage problems. Seinfeld let him apologize on Letterman so he wouldn't lose money on reruns.


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