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Thursday, May 3

Cali Episode # 4 I Meet Lorenzo

Wednesday, May 2

Obama Camp Takes Over MySpace Page

by A.man.I

Barack Obama's presidential campaign decided it was time to take over Obama's MySpace page. Apparently a Los Angeles supporter named Joe Anthony was running the site up until now. He had worked closely with the campaign, the Obama's camp became concerned about content control and the responses going out under the presidential hopefuls name. Read more about it here.

Obama's MySpace page.

Check Deez

by A.man.I

Check deez hot blogs.

AfroSpear - A thinktank blog about the African diaspora.

Acting White "Acting White explores the difficult and taboo subjects influencing racism, and Black under performance."

Electronic Village "The Electronic Village is a 'virtual village' created in the African tradition with an eclectic collection of insights, input and information."

Tuesday, May 1

Football Stars Working to Raise HIV Awareness

by A.man.I

New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens have teamed up to raised money, and awareness for the AIDS crisis in Africa. The two are hosting a thee-day event in July to raise 100-thousands dollars for HIV and Alzheimer's disease research.

T.O. was unable to attend the press conference that was held at his home near Atlanta, but Osi, and his brother Jim say this mission is close to their hearts.

For more information visit www.strike4acure.com.

Watch below.

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