Wednesday, January 17

My Urban Headlines

-Obama for President
Illinois Senator Barack Obama says he has formed an exploratory committee to examine the issues, and feasibility of a presidential bid in 2008. Watch video at

-Modern Day Slavery
Gannett Tennessee is reporting that a school has suspended an activity that made students role-play like slaves and masters. Fifth grade teacher Ronda Sorenson reportedly developed the exercise to teach her students the horrors of slavery.

Random students have been paired together as slaves and masters. Administrators have now suspended the activity after a white female student told another teacher who is black that she didn't have to complete a math assignment, because as a master she (the student) didn't have to listen to the teacher.

-Atlanta DJs Accused Bootlegging is reporting that Fulton County SWAT seized nearly 50-thousand CD's and arrested 28-year-old Tyree "DJ Drama" Simmons and 27-year-old DJ Don Cannon. The DJs have been charged with racketeering and are being held without bond.

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