Tuesday, November 28

A Case of Some Crooked Cops?

From A.man.I
There's been an interesting twist in the fatal police shooting of Kathryn Johnston. She's the 88-year-old woman who was killed by Atlanta Police last week when a narcotics unit was serving a "no-knock" warrant. The confidential informant says police asked him to lie about the drug purchase that police say happened before officers obtained the warrant.

The Feds are now investigating this one. Atlanta's police chief says he's cooperating to the fullest.

Fox 5 in Atlanta has the exclusive interview with the informant.
Here's a link to the video.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution notes some of the discrepancies in this case:

Many questions and conflicting accounts have surfaced since police shot the woman, described by neighbors as feeble and afraid to open her door after dark. At first police said that the drug buy was made by undercover police, but later they said the purchase was made by an informant. Early on, police said narcotics were found at the house after the shooting, but on Sunday investigators said they had found only a small amount of marijuana, which police don't consider narcotics.

***Please note: Ms. Johnston's age was originally reported as being 92. Media outlets are now reporting that she was 88.


At 1:35 AM, Blogger Exodus Mentality said...

The police in Atlanta lied, the police in New York Lied, the police in Dekalb county lied, and the police action in Iraq is one big lie. And don't just think it's a couple of rogue cops. Just like in Iraq, the lies start at the top and work their way down. The police chief and all of the agencies investigating these police shootings are lying when they say it takes a long time to investigate these incidents. It doesn't take any time to give us the full story on any non-controversial arrest. They lay all the evidence on the table to show what a good job they have done, and give full scale interviews answering questions, and putting their theories out there real quick, until the incident involves possible police misconduct. Then all of a sudden, it takes weeks to interview witnesses, and process crime scenes. Police lie and Niggas Die.
More at http://exodusmentality.blogspot.com/

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Rani Ran said...

It is inevitable and a known fact that cops take their so called superiority to the limit and sometimes beyond it such as in this case... and now a senseless killing that they will put more man hours and effort into "covering up" than into repremanding these officers..phat cahnce that will happen and that is sad... cause here is a family that has lost a loved one based on the ignorance and ppower trips of cops.. who we are suppose to look at to protect and serve us... they have failed us and have been failing us for many years.

Thanks for posting Amani... I am loving your blog site.


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