Sunday, January 21

Last Hired, First Fired

Controversy continues in Philadelphia over the recent layoffs at the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Philadelphia Tribune is reporting that the Philadelphia NAACP, and the National Association of Black Journalists is now involved in the discussion surrounding the Inquirer's decision to layoff 71 employees. 20% of those who are losing their jobs are Black, and there are concerns that it will cause a disproportionate amount of minorities on staff. The NABJ is apparently concerned because Black journalists at the paper were twice as likely to be laid off than whites. The spokesman for the Inquirer's CEO, Jay Devine is quoted as saying “It is strictly based on seniority... The last hired is the first to be let go.”

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At 8:01 PM, Blogger BrentBhola said...

IS Phily one of the branches that the NAACP is closing? I know that here in Atlanta we are closing our local branch in Sept 2007.


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